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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is EEC, Inc.?
EEC, Inc. is one of the largest after-market distributors of electrical material including but not limited to PVC-coated and hazardous location material. We carry a large inventory of new electrical products from nationally recognized electrical manufacturer such as Appleton, Crouse-hinds and others.

Does EEC, Inc. sell used materials?
All of our products are not used. They are mostly unopened in their original manufacturer's boxes. We have a large section of products that have been bought directly new from renown distributors.

What is your return policy?
When materials are shipped, as ordered, they cannot be returned without our consent and will be subject to restocking charge. All returns should be purchased from EEC Inc., and should be returned in the original manufacturer boxes and or good resalable condition. Excess Electrical Company will not accept any returns without prior authorization and RAPO (Return Authorization Purchase Order).

What if my shipment is damaged or missing items?
1- Advice us at once of any errors or omissions.
2- Damage claims for UPS and FedEx must be reported to us immediately. Keep package, as is, for carrier's inspection.
3- Claims for damages or shortages for material shipped by common carrier must be submitted to the carrier.

What are your payment terms?
We accept checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express or use your charge account with us. Charge accounts are net thirty days. 11/2% interest per month will be charged to accounts that are more than thirty days past due.

What is your rebate policy?
All incentives related to sales volume will be issued to the Company in the form of credit memos or check in accordance with the annual purchase agreement. Volume incentive applies to customers with purchases of $100,000 or more per year per location. Checks will be issued within 45 days of the year-end. Contact A.J. Jomaa to set your company with our rebate program.

What is your policy on gifts, meals and entertainment?
Any de-minims gifts, etc., such as Christmas gifts, birth day gifts, meals and entertainment will be less than $100 per month and will be only made with the direct knowledge of the Company’s top management. This is separate from the Rebate program.

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