Junction & Outlet Boxes

An electrical junction box is intended to conceal electrical connections from sight in order to avoid anyone or anything tampering with the wires and compromising circuit integrity. A junction box is small and can be made of either metal or plastic and is used mostly underneath floors, behind access panels, or in ceilings. No matter what size or type you need, our electrical supply store has the option you are looking for at an affordable price.
Junction and outlet boxes are professionally manufactured to be:

  • Incredibly durable and heavy duty
  • Ideal for surface mounting
  • Rain-tight
  • Used as a pull box
  • Provide enclosures for splices and taps
  • An effective mounting box for multi-device control stations

For electricians and industrial distributors working with electrical wiring, there’s no better place to shop for a junction or outlet box than Excess Electrical in Houston. With a wide variety of high quality wholesale electrical products, you can depend on our products. Our electrical supply store is here to help you secure rare, hard-to-find, and out of stock products.

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